Halleloo - The Moon Milkman

Photographs by Dara Ó Cairbre

Halleloo, directed by Molly McAvoy and Kerill Kelly at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin

Halleloo was devised by the directors and ensemble: Benedict Esdale, Emma Finnegan, Clíodhna Kelly, and Luka Wilcockson.

909 - Jim Jones

Photographs by John Spilane

909, directed by Tamara Toomey at The Monkey House, London

909 was written by Abigail Smith as part of the Fourth Monkey Cult Season at the Camden Fringe, 2019.

An Open Mind - Professor Peterson

Photographs by Charlotte McDrew

An Open Mind, directed by Stephen Sobal at The Monkey House, London

An Open Mind was devised by the director and cast as a part of the Year of the Monkey Devised Season.

All Theatre Work

production date role company director
SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CASE OF THE MISSING WHATSIT 2022 Sherlock Holmes (Lead) The English Theatre Company Michael Harry
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF BILLY FIBBER 2022 Billy Fibber (Lead) The English Theatre Company Oliver Ritchie
METV 2022 Nick The English Theatre Company Brittany Field
I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE 2021 Marcus Payne (Lead) Rising Tides Gavin Dent
A DOG'S SOLUTION 2021 Jimmy the Dog Charter House Productions Eratle Wang
TITUS ANDRONICUS (rehearsed reading) 2021 Demetrius StageyDom Dominic Isaacs
KING LEAR (rehearsed reading) 2021 Edgar StageyDom Dominic Isaacs
DARK LANTERN (audio drama) 2021 Benjamin Worsley Flywheel James Picardo
BACK TO THE 20S 2021 Michael "Mick" Doherty Immersus Gavin Maxwell
UNIVERSITY: SURVIVE AND THRIVE 2019 Charlie Mishmak Michelle Edwards
909 2019 Jim Jones (Lead) Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company Tamara Tooher
SANNYAS 2019 Ensemble Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company Gavin Maxwell
AN OPEN MIND 2019 Professor Peterson Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company Stephen Sobal
THE DAVID FRAGMENTS 2017 Jesse / Otto Falkenburg Samuel Becket Theatre Nick Johnson
EFFICACY 84 2017 The Pianist Scene&Heard Luke Casserly
THE CLOTH OF DREAMS 2017 Arthur (Lead) Samuel Beckett Theatre Charli Mathews
BY THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH 2017 Lust Scene&Heard William Dunleavy
BERT 2016 Bert (Lead) Scene&Heard Ciara Fleming
MERCURY FUR 2015 Elliot (Lead) DU Players Lauren O'Leary
ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD 2015 Polonius Samuel Becket Theatre Miren Somers
PETER AND ALICE 2014 Arthur / Reggie / Michael Samuel Becket Theatre Ciara Fleming
PUNK ROCK 2014 Chadwick Tractatus Presents Grace Lyle-Condon
BENSON (Rehearsed Reading) 2014 Benson Jr. Marlowe Theatre Andrew Dawson
HEAVEN'S WITNESS 2014 Christopher Marlowe Marlowe Theatre Andrew Dawson


Romeo + Juliet

Photographs by Hiram Harrington

Romeo + Juliet, directed by Benedict Esdale in the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin

An adaption for the Advanced Directing module as a part of final BA assessment, Trinity College Dublin.

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Photographs by Sarah O'Sullivan

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, directed by Benedict Esdale in the Players Theatre, Dublin

Cast: Inspector Bertozzo - Matt McGowan, Maniac - Robbie Doyle, Constable - Charlie Jermyn, Inspector in the Sports Jacket - Jimmy Kavanagh, Superintendent - Sam Killian, Maria Feletti - Ellen Finnerty

Sound etc.

Dangerous Liaisons - composer

written by Will Dunleavy, Smock Alley Scene & Heard 2019

PASSIONS: A Song Cycle - composer

written by Will Dunleavy, Bewleys Cafe Theatre

The Last Five Years - musical director

directed by Cyle Conley, The Lir Academy

pool, no water - sound designer

directed by Allie Whelan, WINNER: Best Sound Design, ISDA 2018

drown - sound designer

devised by Paraic McLean and cast, Samuel Beckett Theatre

DANGEROUS LIAISONS 2019 Composer Scene & Heard William Dunleavy
PASSIONS 2018 Composer Bewley's Cafe Theatre William Dunleavy
ROMEO & JULIET 2018 Director, Sound Designer Samuel Beckett Theatre Self
MUSICAL DIRECTOR The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown The Liv Academy, Dublin
DIRECTOR The Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo Players Theatre, Dublin
SOUND DESIGNER drown by Paraic McLean Samuel Beckett Theatre
DIRECTOR / Adaptation The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery Players Theatre
SOUND DESIGNER pool (no water) by Mark Ravenhill Granary Theatre, Cork

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