Sorry everything is a bit of a mess, I built this myself, and I don't really know what I'm doing...

An Introductory Poem

Hello My name is Ben It is nice to meet you Here, on my website. I hope you find What you were looking for When you came Here, to my website. I can't make any promises But I think There's some cool things Here, on my website.
My Happy Smiling Face


More about me...

I am an Actor, a Writer, a Composer, a capital 'A' Artist, Though I'm not a particularly proficient painter, And I can't draw an eye like they do on the YouTube. I'm interested in people, What brings people into Communities, Why people form Tribes, Who we chose to hold close, And who we decide to let go.

What's Going on Here?

On my Writing page you can read the things I've written, mostly short stories and musings. The collection The Sun Sets, But... consists of several chapter-like stories strung together on a theme.

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