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93. 50 Impressions V.3

November 1st, 2020

November in Prospect

And what strange fruits will the winter bring? The eleventh month begins with the news that the country (England) will go into a lockdown akin to that of April, whereby we all get shut up and don’t go to the pub. Schools are to stay open, despite teacher’s union’s best efforts, and we can meet one other outdoors (for exercise, or coupling). Lucy is going home home to Caulfield, with the plan for her to drive in sometimes for a walk in the park(s?), which I think is the best thing for her, the idea of her being alone with a couple and no Pip Pop for the next month doesn’t really bear considering. In the house vibes are good, and I hope they hold that way. Flood and Eve have noticed themselves bickering a little, which I hope doesn’t spiral. Braddy’s COVID test came back negative so the tension there is off, ie Eve is off to school which she was quite worried about letting down. I must keep cooking, big crazy meals that keep me busy and the house satisfied. I rather raised the bar with Burger Night on Saturday, five individual burgers made to order from a bespoke menu. It was a lot, with the added stress of Braddy isolating, it was an odd vibe to the evening, but cooking and good food kept spirits high. Writing. My love, my nemesis, my waking dreams, and nightmares. What will I do. The stats don’t look great… As of November 1st we are 29/29 from August, 17/30 from September, and 21/31 from October, with 10 titles started to varying degrees, bringing the total to 67/90, plus one from April last year. The idea of reaching my 100th day with so many unfinished doesn’t sit very well, so I’m going to make a concerted effort over the next 10 days to get at least to 80, if not higher if I can manage it, and if not finished, started. I have a 5 day chunk in September (7-11) with no title, the second week of house viewings. I had an idea to start some longer term writing projects, but not sure what they could be, something to do with adding a little every month or year or something. I also have plans to do some collaborative writing, but haven’t quite worked that out either. More tasks for this week. Knaresborough, Moat, Moving Day in España, all need fleshing out and carrying on, if they’re going to be real things. Writing…. Live! needs a solid plan. The Cabinet of Curiosities series can be extended too, and maybe some other new long-term works started. Poetry is fun, that’s something. I also think I should try testing myself with more rigid forms of poetry and prose, to embrace the challenge and exercise. My first sonnet will not be my greatest. I’m definitely going to finish the big painting this week, it’s been hanging around for too long and just needs to be on the wall already. The weather is still grey for the most part, with intermittent rain, and some good evening light on occasion. Went for one walk to the river last week, will do more this month. Will stretch and exercise more, and read more books too. I have an urge to get back into science in the way I did last lockdown, with all the Hawking I decided to burrow into. November should, for me, be a month of cleaning my life, of taking stock in a manner that allows me to move forwards with strength and purpose. I have the opportunity to become whole, and strong, with the time and space to fortify my resolve and build foundations for the winter to come. On the flip, I have the opportunity to break myself down, to become soft and raw, to open my eyes and heart and let them be burnt by the morning sun when it breaks through the fog. This month I will begin the new ‘phase’ of my life by nurturing friendships that I may have let slip, with contact reaching out to those I haven’t in a while, though I’m not sure what to say… Perhaps I’ll do a general call out and see if anyone is in need of speaking to… bit naff though innit, but could help in the long run I guess. Making tea is an important part of my life, but I have lost that sense of ritual which I developed after binge watching Avatar: The Last Air Bender last year. The character of Uncle Iroh was a great inspiration to me when things were stressful. His calm, considered demeanour and ability to look into the peaceful nature of the world amongst such enduring stress helped me Very much looking forward to playing more of the Pandemic board game, need to beat the damn thing… November should be a peaceful oasis amongst the hardship of 2020, where we have seen more anxiety and depression that any other time in recent memory. Personally, I’m looking forward to the excuse of having to stay in, to not have the social pressure of seeing anyone, and be given leave to take the time to look after myself first. After the stress of Flood’s bday Burger Night I want to get another good family meal in, perhaps something for an upcoming festival… Movember 2nd - Day of the Dead in Mexico. 3rd - US Presidential Election 5th - Bonfire Night 8th - Remembrance Sunday 13th - World Kindness Day 24th - Evolution Day 25th - St Catherine’s Day Food Days: 7th - Mud Cake Day in Sweden 11th - Pocky Day in Japan - Pepero Day in S. Kora - Valentine’s Day 15th - Cheese and Bread Day - UK 19th - Soup Day in German 26th - Milk Day in India Thanksgiving All Month - Everything Day, Any Time - United States Birthdays Pete 8th Alex Flood 8th PC 14th Crischaela 26th Ho Hum Here we go Biddle Bum with a Rum Tum Tum

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