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62. NYC '19

October 1st, 2020

October in Prospect

Autumn is hitting quite heavily, with my last few nights in Wildwood really bringing the shivers. Lysia street is thankfully a warmer household. With radiators that work, double glazing throughout, and a smaller room for my body to heat at night, I’ve actually been quite hot in the evenings. I already have some fun things lined up for the weekend, including a birthday dinner at Will’s tomorrow. I’ve just learnt it’ll be the three of them (Will, Rua, and Ailbhe), myself as well as Luka and Heather, neither of whom I’ve seen in a good while now. Both might have been in 2018. [REDACTED] Also this weekend I’m meeting Hannah which is great, haven’t seen her in a while either and it’ll be good to hang out, possibly talk about the apology from the other day, talk through her recent breakup, generally discuss the world and what’s going on it. Catching up with writing is going to be a big deal this month. If I manage to finish off this one today (well over 2000 that’ll be) then I’ll be at… 2 from August, 14 from September, and now 2 from October (Yeah I missed yesterday, it’s now tomorrow). Feels pretty back to have 16,000 words to catch up on, but could smash that out with some multi-parters, or do some fun things with collabs etc, although I think they would have to be more ‘on the day’ It’s Mum’s birthday on the 6th which Ryan and I will go home for, and I’ve got her the Annie Leibowitz book, which is super cool, and I’ve wrapped it. And I’ve got a card, which I’d better not forget (either). 11:12 train from St Pancras on Tuesday morn. Back on Wednesday and then to Lucy’s, then home to Lysia on Thursday afternoon/evening. Needham will be joining us from next Sunday (11th) for a couple of weeks which is very exciting though could prove a little inconvenient in terms of house numbers, ie. we will then be 6, and therefore technically nobody can visit. [REDACTED] Going to head to SportsDirect in Fulham Broadway to pick up a basketball, the lads are down to 2v2 on at the green cage up the river. No idea how free it is in general but been empty the two times I’ve passed. Might try and meet up with both Wills in the coming weeks, Penswick for a general catchup and comedy pow-wow, Dunleavy to see what moves we need to start making on getting some work done. These sorts of friendly business meetings are what keeps me motivated at the moment, when I don’t have anything coming in for myslef. Hopefully with some new headshots and applying for some short film work on Mandy I’ll get up and running in no time. Just had a quick look on Mandy, nothing really there for me, might have to just do some stuff myself, how hard can it be? (famous last words, I know, but I really do back myself to somehow be able to pull something together that looks a little decent). Like I did with the headshots lol… So generally October is going to be a ‘get up and running’ month, now I’m in a new house and things are looking a little peachier here. The only trouble is the weather, and how quickly it gets dark… To-Do: Message Matt about headshots, get some pictures of me with short hair taken for both advertisement and posterity. I think I’ll probably keep my hair short for a while, but worth getting done sooner rather than later. With new headshots, update Spotlight etc. and get onto Student Films to get some showreel footage down. Organise bills etc. with Wildwood. Finish packing my room/deciding where to put shit, cleaning up the TV shelf/under bed Send a letter to NYC - New address Speaking of, update all my bank details etc. A Debate we had last night (5/10). [REDACTED]

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