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77. A Plaque Before I Die 79. Fish

October 18th, 2020

I Read in Bed This Morning

I read in bed this morning I just wanted to let you know. I sat up with a pillow behind me, And nestled into the glow. I read in bed this morning, Over twenty pages of my book. Each sentence I silently gobbled up, Each word I gladly took. Over twenty pages, yes I know A feat to tell the kids. I might even read again tonight. Another twenty? God forbid. The content hardly matters does it. It’s not about what’s inside. It’s the fact I read those twenty pages, And now I brim with pride. And you should too, be proud of me And what, this morning, I achieved. When it would have been too easy To simply roll back over to sleep. You should clap your hands with awe And shake your head in wonder That you could ever keep your eyes From sinking back to slumber. I’ve always thought that I should do that, I like the image of it in my mind But getting up before my alarm? My sleeping brain won’t consider it kind. Set it earlier, I laugh with raised eyes and a wink Just ten minutes or so will do Why didn’t I think of that, clever I know, And a cup of coffee too. I read in bed this morning That’s the important thing I could feel my brain as it came alive It made me want to sing. I read in bed this morning. Over twenty pages of my book. Tonight I’ll start another chapter, You doubt? You’ll be mistook. For now I’ve done it once, Doing it twice will be nothing at all, I’ll read the whole damn novel Before the leaves begin to fall. Three hundred pages more to go And a challenge set in stone Before October First? The equinox then I’ll finish this lengthy tome. I smile and laugh and am full of power, Twenty pages with a morning cup of tea. When I know full well, as much as I may lie, Tomorrow, the next pages will be unseen by me. — I read in bed this morning Another day on the list, That doubles my score to an even tally A couple straight off the fist. I read in bed this morning Only fifteen pages today, I know it wasn’t twenty I’ll make them up some way. What’s happening in the book? It’s not really that sort of thing More of slow-burner, suspense filled Than some cheap mag about a fling. At its heart a complex character, With plenty of depth and thought, They’re on a dangerous adventure Of the psychological sort. The plot is rich, or it is so far, Lots of characters introduced, The hero falls the villain climbs The stakes cleverly induced. I’ll keep you updated as it goes in a flash Wouldn’t want you to fall behind The end will probably be a shocker I’ve got a few guesses in mind. This next chapter is looking tight A few new pieces of the puzzle uncovered We’ve taken some dark alleys But the hero never shuddered. Over twenty pages yesterday And other fifteen today I’m flying through this novel Just another two weeks I’d say. I sigh and laugh and feel the thing It’s weight in both my hands I flick through pages, put it by the wall Where on its own it stands. I take a second to take it in My accomplishment in the making, The rules and regulations I’ve set aside The boundaries I’ve been breaking. Has any other person, alive or dead Been as proactive as I have been? Did Mozart get up before the sun? Did Einstein’s keep a diary of dreams? My mirror smiles, a knowing smile It nods and says, well done. A great, good thing you’ve started here, A revolution has begun. — I read in bed this morning Not as much as I would have liked I felt quite tired and found it hard To keep my eyes open in the bright. I read in bed this morning Did I finish the chapter or not? I had to go back, quite a few times There were bits that I forgot. Only five more pages to add, Though still, three days on the trot I’ll read and read, every single morning Until my brain starts to rot. I’ll take it all in, I’ll suck it up And spew it back out to my friends, I’ll bore them silly with my facts and tales Then spoil how it ends. With new found knowledge I’ll take on the world I’ll show them what I’m made of. I’ll be unrecognisable, A genius bolt of lightning from above. I’ll catch up on those pages, Don’t you worry for a second I am an intellectual now, A force with which to be reckoned. Twenty more tonight, And another twenty tomorrow Then twenty more every single day And every day that follows. Within the fortnight, before the change Before the seasons shift and turn I’m eager now, I have the buzz All I can think to do is learn. I look at where the book lies now, Untouched this afternoon If I can only finish off this chapter It’ll be done and over soon. — I read in bed this morning I know it’s been a couple of days But I got through a sticky, awkward chunk Crossed a hurdle, in many ways. I’ll get back in the swing of things Though that deadline’s coming fast If I keep up at this rate of words I won’t be done before it’s passed. — I read in bed this morning And, do you know, it wasn’t bad? It wasn’t getting up that hurt It was the content that was sad. It might seem like I’m making excuses, And in many ways I am But I’m not sure if I want to finish this book Despite my ambitious plan. I read in bed this morning That still means that I’ve won, You must envy my go-getting nature, Wait, you went for a run?

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