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14. Padstow Püp 16. LGW-DUB

August 16th, 2020


'Hi there, can I help?' The whole experience plans out like a flowchart, beginning with this simple question. Well, it began when you decided to enter, but once you're through the front door this is the first opportunity for real choice. Can you help? Can you? This depends on a number of things. Firstly, do I know what I want? If Yes, there are two options again, one; Yes, you could help, I'm looking for X, do you know where I could find it? Or, No, I know where X is, I'll go and grab it myself. If, on the other hand, you came without a plan, or even, with a general plan, and no specifics, there are the same two options, but with different intentions. Yes, help me please, I'm a lost fawn amongst the wolves, show me your wares, describe to me the intricacies of each product and its definitive purpose. Or, No, I'm good, just pursuing, highly discouraged here I know but, be that as it may, I'm just here to have a look. There are other retorts of course, you could have wondered into the shop by accident, thinking it was something different from the outside, the strange colourful Victorian decor, the pink boiler suits, everything very COOL, the 'Nike of beauty brands'. You might be intimidated by the abundance of very COOL looking staff and the strange store layout which doesn't point in any direction, have cashiers, or arrows on the floor. You might be on the run and dip in to hide amongst the crowds of gleeful teens. You might have had a toilet-related accident and need a clean up. Whatever your reasoning, you are now inside and navigating the contemporary coven of the world's most instagrammable brand. 'Can I help you with anything?' 'No, that's alright thank you.' 'Are you sure? If you need anything just let me know.' Start picking things up, putting them down again, looking around like you're searching for something or at least want to be inspired by something you find. The flowchart continues in the plan of the shop floor, as you are directed from colour to colour to the designated pick-up spot, having paid on the spot with whichever staff member had sidled up to you on entry. The process ends with item collection and retreading through the colourful patterned wallpapers to the exit/entrance which has a strange double layer of doors portico, and a security guard. How much money can you make shoplifting high-end beauty products? I can't imagine they'd be hard to shift. No track and trace IP addresses. What if they all wore black and sold poison, nobody would instagram it then. Okay this is isn't going anywhere, honestly I'm quite tired and playing catchup on writing so I've started rambling about Glossier without tying it into any sort of story which is pretty damn lazy. Diary Entry Taking the cat to the vet this afternoon, he's got a big old scratch above his eye. Not a clue what happened to him, but pretty whatever he did to get it, he probably won't do again. He did come up to my room last night which was exciting, had a bit a snoop around and a brief sit on the bed, testing the water. Haven't seen Lucy this week, since Padstow, didn't think it wise having seen so many people last week. Looking forward to Friday then, when she gets back from work, will probably head over to hers unless she wants to see Mars. Chilli on the hob, reduced nicely, probably had it on a little hot, have turned it off now for while we go to the vet, will be even juicier for dinner so that's perfect. A brief note on some of the amazing food we ate in Cornwall, predominately the LASAGNE which was amazing, excellent burger from Burger & Fish, crab linguine from Greens, Flood's carbonara, pizza x2 from Embers, Fish from Rick Stein and Chip Ahoy x2. Pasties, the steak and blue from Cough, and a traditional, a small trad from cream tea land, didn't get a bacon and chicken in the end, steak and stilton from a different place. Breakfasts, fry ups of course, bacon, egg, sausage, hash browns, beans, toast. Haven't been down to the caff since we were all last down together so that's probably a good 8 years, saw it on Trip adviser though so must be doing well. Saltrock has moved to a place on Middle Street (?) Still haven't written anything a few days later, really small on the productivity vibe. Took Mars to the vet for a scratch over his head, got some pills n stuff for him. He came with a soft cone which he managed to get off in about five minutes, tried all afternoon to get it back on but to no avail. Next day, took him back to the vet, they suggested a hard cone, which we tried, a pink one. Didn't really like it still, went to Pets at Home and he'd got it off by the time we were back. So probably just going to give up on that. He doesn't seem to be scratching it all, and giving him the pills has seemed to make a difference. This afternoon I spent time working on this jingle for Will's podcast, Mars slept under the bed. He came out just as I was finishing, gave me a little meow. Hopped up on the chair and desk. Finished and did food for Mars (will gravy coated pill), then cooked chicken katsu curry for Ollie and me. Going to cook chicken firecracker tomorrow, hope the sauces and stuff work. Mars is back to the vet in a week's time. Hopefully I'll start writing actual stories tomorrow, with characters, maybe I'll start with character descriptions. Was re-reading the stories I might submit to this Costa short story competition and they're not bad. Good mixture of character, atmosphere, dialogue etc. we'll see.

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