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August 15th, 2020

Padstow Püp

PTown 2K20 Püp. Picking up where we left off, with Lucy leaving tomorrow :( Lucy did in fact leave on the Sunday, after some pursuation, as she very much wanted another beach day but we decided on the whole it wasn't worth upsetting her foot more which, by this point, was hurting A LOT. The others went ahead to the beach while I helped Lucy pack her things and we went on our merry way. We stopped on the way to dropping me off closer to the beach to visit the cemetery above Padstow where Edward Woodward OBE Actor lies under a magnificent piece of stone. We will always, always, always love you. Or something to that effect, it's very large, and moving. Fresh sunflowers. Parking by Hawkers, kindly man let us in for free to drop off. 'Alright love.' Lucy went back to Eight Bells for my iPhone dongle, I walked further than I thought it was to find the gang at the Cove which needs a name, which has become our go-to spot. At the beach we engaged in all the usual activities; Spikeball, Headers & Volleys, Sitting, Sitting & Talking, etc. it was a lovely day, not too hot. Back home, Fleeve went to pick up Fish and Chips, delish. Monday Coffee baileys drinks? Beach? Tuedsay Ring of Fire with Punch? Beach? Wednesday might have been the day we went for a WALK. Due to grey drizzle overriding the beach routine we decided it'd be the perfect opportunity for the traditional stroll to the tower, pasties picked up on the way, discussion on a range of topics, predominately the Myers-Briggs tests we had all taken (bar Flood) that morning. The results were Ollie: Commander, Needham: Mediator, Eve: Entertainer (to much disagreement from herself), Myself: Adventurer. I wasn't convinced until there was a line about wanting to do/be everything which is quite accurate given my career ambitions. Pasties were eaten with the view of absolutely nothing due to the thick fog that surrounded Stepper Point. Flood was tested on the home journey to give the Commander result, which he appeared to have mixed emotions about. Did he enjoy being the same as Braddy? These classifications became a great source of comedy for the week, especially 'classic entertainer behaviour.' Thursday morning Jenner arrived into Newquay airport and was picked up by Eve and Needham as the others went shopping, then shopping, I purchased a thick striped rugby jersey in white and blue, for comfort value, from Crew Clothing. Braddy bought a shirt that Flood wanted, to much chagrin. Upon Jenner's arrival we sped to the beach to make the best of the day and played more games, did more activities, and generally tired ourselves out. Embers Pizza was ordered from the beach, technology. We made our way home for caffeine-based drinks to pick us up before pizza, which was exceptional as always. After dinner we engaged in another annual tradition, Ciderhands. A 2L bottle of cheap cider was strapped to each person, the top removed and lovely lovely drink begun. A degenerative game of 21 was played including rules like A Big CidER, skipping people, eyes being closed, a group acknowledgment to skip someone, etc. I 'won' by finishing first, which, as is tradition, was a terrible mistake and one of these days I'll learn I don't have to 'win' and not have a terrible terrible time over the toilet bowl. Bounced back though, lovely. Friday was an expectedly slow start, with lots Mario Kart, Wii Play, Tanks, etc. A big brekkie was cooked, with strange beans. Midday meeting with Jack and Will discussing team gathering for DL. Mini Golf was played up at Greens after a short wait. Things began well for Flood, coming in at least one below the rest of us but I finished strongly getting all 3s 2s and 1s on the home 9, and clinching the win comfortably. We were followed the way round by a rather odd pairing of man on business call and happily putting woman, perhaps not as strange a couple as we had first thought. Golf was followed up with cream teas at home before... SOMETHING?! Saturday, the last full day, and so to the beach. Immediately after settling in the Cove we realised the tide was on its final approach rather than retreat, so we made bets as to whether we'd have to move and how far. It was a close thing but we did end up a couple of metres up the sand, and were closed off in the cove for a good hour until it turned and receded. The usual games ensued once there was space enough to play them, and we ended up staying until it got dark. Fleeve going on a chips and fish mission, spike/hand ball being played. Dadi Freyr dance recorded in the sunset, Pimms with many fruits drunk, a fire failed to start, and so home in the dark over the rocks by BBQ cove. There we had a lock-in to finish the various boozes we had brought and left undrunk, predominately a full bottle of Tequila that became to forfeit of your partner losing on Boardgame Island. I to bed while the other roamed the harbour, a liquid competition taking place down the out-harbour slipway. Sunday a tray of pastries from not Chough, then up and at em with a deep clean, presents bought for the rents, a brief handover with Ryan and his chums, then off on our way back to London, returning briefly for my laptop and Ollie's charger, whoops! The drive was fairly sleepy and uneventful, stopping once for McDonalds in Basingstoke, where the chicken legend was spicy and delicious, but the selects were quite rubbery and smelt slightly old. Home to Wildwood via West Hampstead Station for Jenner in a huge rainstorm, fed Mars and quite quickly to bed after some sleeping lolling about. Things not included yet: Second Punch First Cream Tea Jenner's Thai Curry Pastie Murder in the Dark

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