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59. FOOD

September 30th, 2020

September in Review

Firstly, while we're on the topic, I have fallen massively behind in my writing. 1000 words a day was extremely ambitious, and very hard to make up once you've started falling behind, and it adds up. For example, I'd sat down the other day with the plan to do 2000 a day for the next 22 days to make up for what I'd left behind. Yesterday I didn't write a word, but instead painted for twelve hours, watched Deadpool with Dan and Ollie and went to bed. Lying in bed I realised this would add two extra 2000 word days or one 3000 word day to my schedule which is quite daunting. So, I'm back on 2000 a day now, last and first days of the month to come. The 1st of September 2020 had a calendar event called 'What's up with my limbs?' from 15:00-16:00. E— is an attendant. I have a vague memory of creating this, some five or six years ago... I messaged her a screenshot on the day, she did not reply. Without serious need or her reaching out, I don't think I will ever contact her again. That being said, there's an event on the 21st of November 2075 called 'Reconsideration of Giving of Undivided Attention'. Yikes. The early weeks of the month were predominately taken up by the highs and lows of house hunting, doing a viewing almost every day until we settled on the ONE, being Lysia Street, which we got the next day (See: 15/9/20). This was mostly an enjoyable experience, made a little strange by COVID restrictions (masks, not hugging, etc.) but we saw some fun places. Ollie and and I saw a nice little house by Putney Bridge which would have been fun, excellent for the price, but quite dark inside. We all saw a flat which was no pets, and not a great amount of space (also shower onto the living room?). A house near Oval was very cute, but would have been a squeeze, and we didn't want to settle at that stage. There was a gorgeous house we didn't get a viewing for by Fulham Broadway which had a Boot Room and a Cellar. Musard Road of course, the dream, or so we thought. Eve and I saw a house in Camberwell which had a gorgeous green bath, but was in a very boring part of the world, and went extremely quickly. A newly refurbished Mews house in Clapham would have been lovely if it wasn't opposite a building site, and Flood said it was too small but only he saw it... All in all we saw a lot fo South and West London's 3-4K 4 bed properties and managed to get very lucky with what we've now got. A stressful experience, managed. I saw Kerill and we discussed RADA and anxiety. Charlie and Ryan's birthdays were great fun (See: 6/9/20) though I still haven't got either of them their presents, though I know what I'm getting them... Mid September I went to Cold Ash and spent a glorious few days in the countryside with Lucy and the dogs. This was an incredibly relaxed time, despite housing stress and then success. From Lucy's I went almost straight home, which was a similarly lovely time, seeing Mum and Dad, doing some writing, going up on the scaffolding around the roof, walking to Tadpoles, generally taking a break from London and the world. Mum and I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate which was interesting but not overwhelmingly inspirational, it did make me excited about the idea of screen printing, which I need to look into. Some of the work didn't live up to the either the aura surrounding it or the incredible life of the man who'd created it. I found it hard to put myself into the 60s, an all together less woke time, and consider the impact of the woke he was making, how forward thinking it was in terms of breaking down gender norms and exploring the body in a commercially viable way. There was a piece written about how some considered him to have sold out with his pop art, but others argued that this was in an effort to afford his more personal projects. The entire moving experience I've written about already, but suffice to say they were long, tiring days, and I haven't felt that excited in a good while. (See 27-8/9/20) The rest of this last week, to round us up to October has been spent settling into the new house, which has been a generally lovely experience. Living in a clean, modern house with my best friends, I couldn't be happier. The walk to the main shop is short and quiet, the river is nearby, there's Paradise on the corner. My phrase of the month has probably been 'in a pinch', as in, that'll be useful in a pinch. It mostly came out during packing, when deciding if all the random crap should come with me or go in the bin. It all came. Mood has been generally middling, a few lows and highs over the month, had a big ol' panic attack the night of Charlie's birthday (possibly?), could have been a different night... Also had a weird headache for about three weeks now, felt dizzy at times, not sure what that's about. Haven't had a temperature, cough, or given Corona to anyone so don't think it's that. Probably just generally dehydrated, I think I made myself very unwell from Charlie's birthday, which was extremely fun, but also probably not worth the fortnight long hangover... September is a strange month, this is the second time I've not been starting some sort of education, but you still get the same feeling of a new year starting, and especially with the new house, the seasons are changing, and things are on the move.

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